Sector 1 Games and Designs

Welcome to Sector 1 Games and Designs,

We are a game and app design studio located in central Florida. We create high quality, highly addictive mobile GAMES and LIVE WALLPAPERS for both ANDROID and iOS platforms. Don't forget to check out our "Upcoming Works" section for our current projects, works in process, and virtual reality (Gear VR, Rift).

 Nightmares! 3D is our first mobile game release and is out now on GooglePlay for ANDROID. (coming soon for Apple iOS)

Nightmares! 3D is a (FREE) beautiful dual-stick 3D survival shooter based in a little boy's Nightmares! Just try to stay alive as you battle through swarms of angry, nasty monsters! Nightmares! 3D features amazing graphics, smooth gameplay and hours of monster-destroying goodness. Upgrade weapons from an automatic rifle, grenades, multi-shot grenades, high power chain guns and more which will be added on a regular basis.

Click the google play button below to download today, what are you waiting for? It's FREE!


App Development

Looking for someone to expand your social media? Does your business need more exposure in the mobile device market? Or maybe just expanding your Online ordering to a native mobile friendly content, Sector 1 Designs has your needs covered. We can create for you a custom fully functional App for ANDROID and iOS with features that will impress you and amaze your customers! Promotional tools, map and location systems, Online ordering/ In-App ordering, push notifications and more more are all possible. We can incorporate all of your business graphics and logos into a beautiful, professional App.

Sector 1 Designs can also handle all of your social media marketing and content, with features that can be rolled into your custom app as well! Email campaigns and mass customer mailings are included with our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yelp content creation and customer feedback program. Allow us to leverage these powerful social media outlets to fully expand and promote your custom App! Your user base will increase, your customers will be better connected, and your bank account will be happy!

Pricing for custom mobile Apps start at $99 per month with NO SETUP FEES!

Pricing for mobile marketing with email blasts (up to 10,000 contacts) $249 per month